Putpocketing is becoming quite popular these days, and I'm almost upset about not being so original after all! But there are good initiatives out there and if you are lucky enough, you might encounter a putpocket that will give you something else than just a card...

Lately, Samsung used that marketing technique to put smartwatches on people's wrist without them noticing it to promote their Galaxy Note 3.

In 2010, during the Salon du livre in Paris, Éditions Points putpocketed books into people's pockets.


Even a 2008 Burger King ad features putpocketing!

And more and more, I hear about magicians or former pickpockets in London and around the world who actually putpocket money.

So in the end, I might no be so original, and a card may not be as fun as a book or a watch... but I hope you don't let your bags open in the hope to receive a gift, because for each putpocket out there, there is a thousand pickpockets awaiting an opportunity!