We've probably all done it. Coming back from work or a party, one day or the other we fall asleep in public transport. Not necessarily a nap, but dozing off for a few minutes, it happens to me all the time. Of course, no need to mention the consequences if pickpockets happen to be on the same bus.


A very kind pickpocket (I guess) gave a tourist a valuable lesson in China, some years ago:

A visitor to Guilin, a popular tourist destination in Guangxi, received a letter from the pickpocket who stole his wallet pointing out the folly of napping on a public bus.

But the thief was not just rubbing salt in. Accompanying his unsigned note were some important documents stolen along with the man's 800 yuan (US$97) cash. It was something of a consolation for the victim who had been extremely worried over the loss of the certificates, which would be difficult to replace, reports the Nanguo Morning Post.

(China Daily December 24, 2004)

Source : http://www.china.org.cn/english/travel/115889.htm

He was lucky, in a way. Some pickpockets could have sold these papers to identity thieves, or most likely just have thrown them in the garbage. His misfortune is our lesson of the day : don't fall asleep in public transport. Or at least try to.