I've been on a trip in France for the last two weeks now, and the dynamic about pickpockets here is so different than in Quebec. People actually take the problem seriously. There are signs of "Beware of pickpockets" almost everywhere, near ATM machines, in the metro, in restaurants... even in the Louvre, there are these huge signs everywhere that totally ruin the décor:


But I guess they must be there for a good reason. In the metro, I was so obviously a tourist with my luggage, and a Parisian told me to beware of pickpockets. Quite ironic for someone to tell me that!

So far my trip has been very nice, and paranoid as I am I never keep anything of value in my pockets. Luckily it's a bit cold here, so I can wear two jackets and keep my wallet far from greedy hands.

I'm kinda excited by all this awareness of pickpockets here, and I just might change my mind about reprinting some cards. Watch out when I get back to Montreal... ;)