I usually try not to talk about this blog to the people I know, because you never know how they'll react and if they can keep the secret. But recently, I have shared my mischievous hobby with a good friend, and now he helps me out with the task of giving cards. And wow! It's so much easier working with someone, and also much more fun. We've given more cards in one week than me solo in the last 3 months. Thank you!

But that's not all. A reader shared his own story of put-pocketing. Using pieces of paper similar to the cards, he and his friend had a lot of fun at Disneyland :

I was rather nervous about putting (even though it was my idea). But whenever i saw a wide open bag or a gaping coat pocket, I would put when i could. My favorite time that night however, was when we took a break from the fun and rides, and went into the gift shops. There were crowds of people, all distracted and looking at various items on the shelf. This is when me and my friend went to work.

We moved through the crowds trying to position ourselves the best we could. My job most of the time was to be the spotter. I would point out targets that i thought were weak or distracted, with gaping pockets and bags. I would signal my friend, and then block the situation. It was very easy. I also had a few good puts. Often random bags that would be wide open. I would just pass by and drop the paper into the bag.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

And we get the confirmation that working with a faithful companion is good not only for blocking, but also to help with the nerves. Hurray for team synergy!


As much as I want one of these, I doubt we'll go unnoticed...