Some pickpockets aim for the top! They show us that you are never completely safe in a crowd, even surrounded by bodyguards...

In this video you can see former president of France Nicholas Sarkozy having his watch almost pickpocketed during a handshake:

He was able to keep it, but rapidly took it off his wrist and put it in his pocket. This isn't a first: in 2007, Georges Bush, probably the most guarded person on the planet, had his watch stolen in Albania! You can see it clearly at 0:55 in this video:

In 2002, this sort of thing have been tried on François Bayrou aswell, a candidate for the French elections. However, the man realised it in time and slapped the kid who was pickpocketing him. Funny enough, 10 years later, this kid (nicknamed Bayrou after the incident) is now facing charges for violence against police officers, and his police record is already well-loaded. Looks like that "paternal slap" didn't do much good!

Once again I apologize, I didn't even slipped one card this month. Of course, with all those students massive strikes, you might think I would have been able to give one or two... I'm gonna blame it all on sheer laziness.