Winter is around the corner and some of you may be planning to take a trip where it's sunny and hot. It's the high season and there will be plenty of tourists on the beaches, so be careful: lots of tourists means lots of pickpockets!

When speaking to a stranger, always keep your hands on your valuables. If you are sitting on a table outside a café, don't put your camera on the table. Some thieves cover the table with a large map, pretending to ask you for directions, while they grab what they can. Also, don't put your purse on the lap of your chair, or on the ground.

You can avoid having your wallet taken away with simple tricks. Women, secure your purses with paper clips. Men, you can put a small comb in your wallet, slightly out of it, so that the teeth of the comb grips into the pocket. The wallet can't be taken out of the pocket this way!


DON'T put a rubber band around your wallet. It makes it easier for the thieves to get a grip on the wallet. If you want to play a nasty trick, use a fake wallet and put it well in sight, filled with newspapers. This will at least divert the attention of any thief who has his eyes on you and while he's getting away with nothing, your real wallet is safe and sound. The fooled pickpocket's face has to be priceless once he discovers the wallet is a decoy.


The best is to use this method and to divide your money in small amounts hidden in different places on your body (shoes, pouch, front pockets...). Divide to rule!