To prove that a pickpocket can be ANY type of person, I found a very interesting article about a pickpocket gang... made up of middle-aged and elderly women.

Sterling Heights, MI, 'Mad Hatters': Female Pickpocket Ring Allegedly Steals $500,000
Police in the tony Detroit suburb say an all-female criminal ring, made up of middle-aged and elderly women, are running a sophisticated con in which they allegedly pick the pockets of unsuspecting shoppers and use the stolen credit cards elsewhere.
Nicknamed the "Mad Hatters," the ring is made up of at least six women who frequently wear hats to disguise their identities and have allegedly swiped more than $500,000 in the past year and half, authorities say.

One bank alone estimated it had lost at least $200,000 at the hands of the hatters.

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So next time you go to the mall, maybe you'll look differently at that sweet old lady buying peppermints...!