It's the Jazz Festival once again in Montreal, and I can only warn you to be very careful! The massive crowd and multiple distractions give this event the perfect conditions for pickpocket work. As a matter of fact, I am quite sure I felt a hand on my bag! Then again, I am probably paranoid, and that woman probably accidently bumped into me. Or did she?!

That reminds me, I have been reading an old book about types of criminals, and the author seems to believe that women pickpockets are just a myth. Well, he's WRONG. Never forget that pickpockets can be anyone, man or woman, child or old man, it makes no difference. If you think otherwise, then you are most likely to be the victim of one of them. Remember that women possess a valuable pickpocket ability: they can be very... distractive.

And remember my post On a silver... Plateau: you don't need to travel very far to meet pickpockets. They are right here in Montreal; in any crowd there will be a pickpocket, if not a professionnal, at least an opportunist, so always stay aware!


Enjoy the festival but keep your hand on your valuables: pickpockets love crowds.

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