Following my post about travel, here's a little dictionnary that might come in handy in a foreign country. If a pickpocket succeeds in taking away your wallet and you notice it, you may want to yell Stop thief! So just to make sure someone around you understands what you are trying to say, here's how to say it in a couple of language :

Arabic : Kef ya haraamy
Chinese : Zhuā zéi
Danish : Stop tyv
French : Au voleur
German : Haltet den Dieb
Greek : Stamatísei kléfti
Italian : Al ladro
Japanese : Dorobō o teishi suru
Polish : Zatrzymać złodzieja
Portuguese : Parar ladrão
Russian : Derzhi vora
Spanish : Dejar de ladrón
Swedish : Ta fast tjuven
Turkish : Hırsız durdurmak
Vietnamese : Ngăn chặn kẻ trộm

The word thief is in bold, so you may want to use only this word if you are in panic... You can also use the word pickpocket :

Chinese : Páshǒu
Danish : Lommetyv
French : Pickpocket
German : Taschendieb
Greek : Lopodýtis
Italian : Borseggiatore
Japanese : Suri
Polish : Kieszonkowiec
Portugese : Punguista
Russian : Karmannik
Spanish : Carterista
Swedish : Ficktjuv
Turkish : Yankesici
Vietnamese : Ngươi moc tui

But there is a good chance that if you yell "PICKPOCKET!" someone will understand you! I sincerly hope you won't have to use this little dictionnary on your next vacation!

Eiffel tower
In the Eiffel Tower's elevator, in Paris, there is a sign with "Beware of pickpockets" written in french, english, spanish and german, for tourists.