Iíve already mentioned the effectiveness of CCTV in preventing street crime, so Iíd like to go deeper into the subject. Itís very controversial, as many people believe it violates their privacy rights. I understand itís not always comfortable knowing youíre being watched, but letís not overlook the benefits of this security system.

Itís not a panacea for preventing crime, but CCTV can help at reducing property crime in public places (such as car thefts). It ensures a quick and effective deployment of officers to the scenes of violent crimes and provides the police with leads. Offenders are more likely to abandon any idea of conducting a crime if they know they can be recorded by CCTV cameras. Finally, it helps citizens feel safer, as they know the cameras are there for their security, and not on a voyeurism purpose.

Pickpockets have a reason to fear CCTV, since they can be caught in act by the cameras. If the crime is discovered late, the victim can also identify the moment heís been robbed on recorded footage with the help of CCTV operators. Although the pickpocket escaped, his face can now be displayed where the theft occurred and police officers will be more vigilant. And now there is a proof of the theft that can be used in court and ensure a suitable sentence for the crime. Pickpocketing just became less safe, and it might dishearten many young and inexperienced thieves.

So itís pretty clear Iím in the pro-CCTV clan. Itís not perfect and the dream of a city without crime is utopic, but at least itís a step closer to living in a safer environment. What about you? Are you afraid of Big Brother?


On a lighter note, Beware of pickpocketsí blog will be celebrating its first anniversary on January 18. In one year, Iíve reached over 7700 views, and quite frankly I never expected it to become so popular. Thanks to everyone!

ref : CCTV security systems & their effectiveness in crime