Last Saturday, I went to see the Fire on Ice musical fireworks, on the Quays of the Old Port. I must say I thought it would be a good opportunity to play my little game... and it sure was.

Oh yeah, it was. The lights turned off, the fireworks began, and each and every head was raised up towards the sky. It was like a dream, for everyone... especially for pickpockets. I could have done anything I wanted with anyone's pocket.

But I'm not proud of myself. I must confess, I got hooked up by the fireworks when they played Dragonheart's theme song, To the Stars (I cry every time). And they totally got me with the Sherlock Holmes' theme music. So I spent about thirty seconds looking for targets, and then I gave up and just watched the fireworks. It was wonderful.


However, I feel I still must warn you about the dangers of an event like that. It's the perfect situation for pickpockets : it's dark and everyone's attention is focused elsewhere. They don't even have to worry about somebody else catching them in action. If you want to enjoy these events and watch fireworks, do as I do : look at the sky but keep a hand on your wallet.