I love winter. People start wearing heavy jackets because of the cold weather, and it makes it so much easier to find targets and to put some Beware of Pickpockets cards! I bet there are a lot of pickpockets happy about the first snow storm, too...

Pickpockets have more cover to perform their little tricks. With all those winter coats and scarves, it becomes easy to hide any suspicious move. And in order to simplify the thief's task, people have a tendency to put their wallet and other valuables into their coat's front pockets, within easy reach (remember that means easy reach for pickpockets, too!). The coat's pockets are loose, away from the body, and so its contents are out of sight, out of mind... and eventually out of your pocket as well.


You think you'd feel it if someone stuck his hand in your pocket? Okay, perhaps. But would you feel a pair of tweezers? Pickpockets are creative.