Imagine the unimaginable : you've been robbed. Now what happens?!

First thing to do is to look around. The thief is probably long gone, but perhaps you can find your missing wallet or purse. Most often, pickpockets will take the cash and throw away any evidence of their crimes. Look into dustbins, behind benches, under cars. If you can't find it, look further, in discrete places, nearest streets, anywhere the pickpocket could have dumped your goods. A restaurant manager states that he once found tens of wallets and purses in the bathrooms!

Thieves know that victims are less likely to contact the police if they find their wallet, even if the money's gone. Now there are some nasty pickpockets who will throw your wallet in the sewers. In the eventuality that you can't find what's been stolen from you, it's very important to report the details of the incident as soon as possible.

If you are in a metro station, speak to a staff member who will send for a security officer. Don't forget to check the STM's Lost and Found, 48 hours after the event. If you're outside, pay a little visit to the nearest police station. Don't hesitate to report the loss of your wallet to the police : they probably can't do much for you, but it will help to get accurate statistics of pickpocketing. If the police sees that the phenomenon is getting out of control, they might take some action to prevent these sort of crimes...


CCTV has proven to be really effective against pickpockets and other street crimes.