Pickpockets love big, crowded events. Today I went to Magog's Fête des Vendanges, and I thought that there could be lots of opportunities there to put some cards into people's pockets. Boy was I right.

It was like a pickpocket dream. The jampacked crowd, glass in hand, was either busy tasting wine or listening to the sommeliers. On top of that, everybody was feeling a bit tipsy, and not paying attention to their surroundings. You guys were my easiest targets yet.

Tasting Fair

When you're attending to events like this, protect your belongings, especially if you know alcohol will be involved. People drinking are less on their guard and alert, thus very easy to steal from. Open purses and easy-to-spot wallets are inadmissible. Don't leave your purse unattended on the back of a chair (yeah, I saw that...) and don't put valuables in your back pocket (also known as "the sucker pocket"). You're honest, that's great : just don't assume the rest of the world is. There is always some devil lurking in the shadows : it might be me, and in that case you'll be lucky and only get a warning. Or it might not be me.

Apart from that, the Tasting Fair was very enjoyable. I only have one regret : I should have brought more pickpocket cards!